About Us

EquiGames by Su Misura is a leading company specialized in the production of customized uniforms and riding equipment. Su Misura was born at the beginning of the Nineties as a company of woven fabrics and home draperies. Later our love for horses has pushed us to put our craftsmanship at the service of these wonderful animals and the world of Mounted Games.


In addition to providing the best brands of equipment for the equipment, care and maintenance of the pony and horse, we make for the rider of all the personal equestrian items such as headgear, polo, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, socks, , Bomber and softshell, as well as underwear, headphones, blankets, sneakers, paraglongs for ponies and horses.


Customization takes place through several stages ranging from graphic design, printing, embroidery, and packaging. For the graphic study, there is enough for your idea or logo and the colors of the circle, based on which we develop the drafts. Embroidery usually takes place on pre-packaged clothing (trousers, sweatshirts, bomber). Printing can take place on existing garments or on custom made fabric fabrics. The EquiGames technical fabric guarantees color fidelity for prints that take place at different times and remarkable durability, as the colors do not fade.


To strengthen the identity of your team or to promote your club, we also offer you scarves, flags, banners, stickers.


Complete our range of products: footwear, bags and backpacks, personalized exercise barriers, hand-sewn ribbons, bands and protections, care articles, cleaning and feeding of the horse. We are proud to exclusively produce EquiGames slow feeding nets, which guarantee excellent results in terms of economic savings and psycho-wellness of the animal.


For any information about the items listed or to create and print ad hoc products for you and your circle, please visit our website or contact us by email (sumisura@equigames.it) or by phone (+39 347 0526472) . We will be pleased to meet your needs.

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