Forage Nets slow feeding

EquiGames Forage Nets slow feeding represent the most beneficial way to feed your horse!
Psychophysical benefits for the horse: they simulate the nutritional situation that the horse lives in nature and allow him to take the right amount of food continuously. The horse assimilates all nutrients properly and does not stress and does not get bored because it always has food available.
Economic benefits for you: the networks fill up once a day, so you will save on the work hours of your horse’s nutritionist. They eliminate hay waste and bring savings of 10 to 45% on feed costs.
Features: made with the most suitable yarn to meet the requirement of robustness, to withstand daily and prolonged use. The size of the mesh, the mesh and thread size have been designed to fit all the needs and situations (farms, agility centers, competition use, box, paddock).