Blueberry shampoo 500ml

In alcuni casi l’immagine del prodotto è puramente indicativa e potrebbe non rispecchiare appieno le caratteristiche estetiche dell’oggetto che verrà spedito.

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Blueberry Shampoo

Shampoo with blueberry and blackberry OFFICINALE WATER. Exceptional and natural darkening power, it gives shine and brilliance to the horse’s hair and mane. It sanitizes and cleanses while respecting the natural pH. Contains Guar (seed of equatorial origin), a nutrient that softens the skin.

Officinal Plants BLUEBERRY The extracts in blueberry water are rich in tannins which highlight the beauty of the dark coat.


It is advisable to wet the horse, wait 3 – 4 minutes for the water to drain and put a dollop of shampoo on the mane, on the withers, on the back, on the knees and on the tail. Massage well and wait 3 – 4 minutes for the essential oils to penetrate the skin and then rinse with plenty of warm water.