Devil’s Claw

In alcuni casi l’immagine del prodotto è puramente indicativa e potrebbe non rispecchiare appieno le caratteristiche estetiche dell’oggetto che verrà spedito.

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Claw is the result of a balanced combination of herbs, such as Devil’s claw, currants, ash and boswellia, notes property analgesic and anti-inflammatory, and aminoacids such as taurine, phenylalanine, glutamine, which contribute to alleviate joint pain promoting horse recovery after an intense workout.
It also contains components such as glucosamine sulfate, which are essential for the reconstruction of the cartilages affected.

Devil’s Claw is a product that contains herbs, such as Boswellia, Black Currant, and Ash.

Boswellia: this plant has a good anti-inflammatory activity andin particular, anti-rheumatic, confirmed by several clinical studies.
Its resin contains boswellic acids that have inhibitory effect on the enzymes involved in the inflammatory process, as Lipoxygenase.
Its effects are clinically proven and, unlike the classic Antiinflammatory (known as FANS) and corticosteroids, is not in fact known side and has no contraindications for interactions with other drugs.

Black currant: the plant is effective in combating joint pain manifestations due to itsanti-inflammatory activity. Currant leaves appear
anti-inflammatory effect in both acute and chronic processes: with their use you have the considerable reduction in the number of inflammatory cells, particularly macrophages, which are considered as powerful agents inflammatory to lytic substances contained in their Lysosomes, and normalization of makers of blood inflammation. Such activity is supported in part by flavonoids which are opposed to the release of proflogogene substances and that, thanks to vitamin P similar, determine an improvement of microcirculation and therefore of local Vascularity.

Ash: studies with ash bark showed its activity analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Glucosamine sulfate: Glucosamine is a major component of the Equine cartilage mucopolysaccharides, stimulates the defense mechanisms and reconstruction of articular cartilage, tendons and joint capsules of the horse.

Taurine: is an amino acid that helps retain calcium and potassium in the muscles involved in contraction, avoiding the onset of muscle cramps.

Phenylalanine: is an amino acid with analgesicaantinfiammatoria action;