EQUIcard by Equigames – 50€

In alcuni casi l’immagine del prodotto è puramente indicativa e potrebbe non rispecchiare appieno le caratteristiche estetiche dell’oggetto che verrà spedito.

Price 50,00 

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What is it and how is it used?

Our EQUIcard is the newest Equigames House gift card that allows the recipient to be able to purchase items and products of the face value of the card) at our store or through our new e-commerce platform.

Can be purchased in stores or through internet site upon payment by cash, credit card or bank transfer. At the time of purchase will be issued the card to be cropped (with code) and the condition of buying and using it.

Our EQUIcard is valid for 3 months after activation and the purchase thereof, is not rated so you can buy it and then give it away.


So what are you waiting for?

What better gift for your girlfriends Amazons and friends horsemen, if not our EQUIcard?