Shoe Explora Solution black

In alcuni casi l’immagine del prodotto è puramente indicativa e potrebbe non rispecchiare appieno le caratteristiche estetiche dell’oggetto che verrà spedito.

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Cod Scarpetta "explora " nero
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Shoe Explora Solution black - E4 (posteriore) E4 (posteriore) 99,95 
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Shoe Explora Solution black - 2 (anteriore) 2 (anteriore) 99,95 
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Shoe Explora Solution black - 3 (anteriore) 3 (anteriore) 99,95 
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Shoe Explora Solution black - 4 (anteriore) 4 (anteriore) 99,95 
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Shoe Explora Solution black - E1 (posteriore) E1 (posteriore) 99,95 
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Shoe Explora Solution black - E2 (posteriore) E2 (posteriore) 99,95 
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Explora solution

it’s the best solution to keep the horse’s hoof barefoot
and protect it during the most demanding performance.

it is a soft, durable, very light and easy-to-wear hoof shoe,
with great grip even on the most challenging terrain.
An ergonomic solution that remains firmly in the horse’s hoof without compromising
 natural movements and respecting the expansion of the hoof during work.
it is also suitable for irregular or asymmetrical hooves as there is the possibility of shaping it on each individual hoof,
just heat it up to give it the most appropriate shape.

Thanks to this protection, the sluggishness of the gloms, caused by the decomposed soils, will be avoided;
In addition, this sole is suitable for all types of terrain: water, mud, rock; thanks to the holes set up for the crampons
It is also ideal for grass fields and steep terrain.

Explora racing

is a new concept of protection for the hoof of racing horses with a revolutionary bonding system.
which is easy, faster, cheaper and cleaner.
The best protection in equine competitions.
it is a lightweight and flexible solution that can be reused by removing and re-gluing it several times.

How to choose the size?

You have to measure the hoof in both length and width and choose the size according to the measurements made by consulting the table.

You can also buy: crampon kit, bonding kit, slab, spare kit for closing.

For more info:
Benzi Mauro 3470526472